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Variable Annuities with FlexChoice


Lifetime Income with Fewer Compromises
Market volatility and today’s long retirements make income you can’t outlive an essential part of your portfolio.

A variable annuity with the optional FlexChoice rider lets you turn a portion of your savings into guaranteed income that lasts for life. You’ll also benefit from market gains while being protected if the market drops. All that plus real-life flexibility to adapt however life unfolds — especially if you’re married. 

Income Built for Two See why FlexChoice is a lifetime income option married couples may love.


Make your portfolio more balanced and durable with guaranteed lifetime income that can grow.

Income You Can Count On

Earn 5% Growth Per Year
During the first decade, your future income goes up by compounding 5% each year, even if the market goes down or stays flat (as long as you don’t withdraw anything).

Lock in Market Gains
Each year until age 91, if your account value is higher than your Benefit Base due to market performance, you get an Automatic Step-Up that increases future payments.

5% or 6% Withdrawals at Age 65
You can start taking 5% or 6% withdrawals at age 65 depending on your choice of two options.

Unique Flexibility for Married Couples

For However Life Unfolds
Many guaranteed income products make married couples lock in big decisions up front. But with FlexChoice, you don’t have to decide if you want income for one or two lives unless your account value runs out.

More Income Sooner
Unlike many retirement income products, with FlexChoice the amount of income you can withdraw is based on the age of the older owner. That can mean getting a higher withdrawal rate years sooner than if you had to wait for a younger spouse to “catch up.”

Income Built for Two
If a spouse passes away, the surviving spouse continues to receive the same income payments they’ve come to rely on with no interruption.

Make Decisions When It is Right for You

Turn Withdrawals On and Off
You can start and stop withdrawals at any time after 59½. Waiting to take withdrawals can increase the amount you’re able to withdraw later.

Choose How Much You Get
The income you receive is based on factors you control. They include the age at which you start taking withdrawals, whether you want a steady amount of income or more early on, and if you decide to cover one or two people (only after your account value runs out).

Cancel if You Change Your Mind
In some cases, you may no longer need lifetime income. That’s ok — you have alternatives if your needs change.